Preventative Maintenance

Your fire alarm system, once commissioned, is entered onto a maintenance database. We print out an advance list of all preventative maintenance visits and contact you to arrange a convenient time for our engineer to call. It is essential that these visits take place, not only to keep the system in optimal working order, but also to satisfy the requirements of your business or private insurers.

Our engineer will give you a written report as a record of the visit and ask for your signature to acknowledge that maintenance has been carried out. Any concerns or notes for remedial work are also recorded on the report. Finally, the fire alarm log book will be updated by our engineer.

Emergency call out

We aim to respond to your request for a call out within 4 hours, providing you with cover for 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. When this happens outside normal working hours, our engineer will contact your nominated keyholder to provide access. We make sure that our engineers carry common spare parts so that we can fix your system in one visit, and we follow this through by checking our vans periodically.

As with preventative maintenance, our engineer will give you a written report of any work carried out, including parts replaced, testing and re-setting, and explain any further action required.

Customised maintenance

We can customise your maintenance contract to satisfy the level of servicing, emergency response and administration you might require for some types of buildings, such as a prison, school or hospital. This may involve a different administrative procedure for multi-site contracts, drawing up an agreed parts inventory, or obtaining security disclosure for particularly sensitive buildings.

We’ll understand if you have special requirements, let us work with you to create the perfect maintenance contract. Get in touch to have speak to a member of our team to discuss your needs.

Take over maintenance

When we take over the maintenance of a fire alarm that was installed by another company, we must first ensure that it was in fact compliant with the relevant regulations at the time of commissioning. We do this by carrying out an inspection of the protected building. Sometimes this will highlight remedial work, missing documents or lack of training. All of this information is recorded in a written report and explained to our prospective customer.

Once the system is compliant and all of the right certificates are in place, we can offer a maintenance contract to NSI Gold standard. Our maintenance is NSI and BAFE approved, call us to talk about your fire alarm maintenance requirements.