Access Control Systems

Control who has access to your premises

Access control is all about who is permitted to enter your building or designated areas within, and when. Whether you are controlling crowds in the local football stadium or protecting the commercially sensitive design of a new engineering component, we will work with you to create a specification that fully addresses your needs.

For some of our customers this is quite straightforward, with one or two doors being used by all staff during office hours only. However, when we work on a prison or hospital then things get more involved. There can be several categories of access to areas that have varying degrees of sensitivity. For example, access to the hospital pharmacy will be more stringent than access to a staff relaxation area within a hospital.

Do you need to limit access to your building?

Our approach is to survey the building and evaluate your requirements. We then get on with designing and specifying the most appropriate system and equipment for your budget. Once our proposal is agreed, our engineering supervisor will plan the work around your individual circumstances.

As a registered installer for top access control manufacturers, we use their extensive knowledge base, technical support, super fast delivery, and excellent product training.

After all, it is the manufacturers who are leading the way with exciting product developments and we believe the closer we are to them, the better skills and knowledge we can offer you.

IP access control

Currently, we are maintaining and retro-fitting IP access control for Tayside Police throughout the region. This involves a multitude of locations and variable access permissions. The benefit of going IP is of course managing your access policy from a central information systems point. We were extremely pleased with the detailed and professional level of training we received from Pac to bring our knowledge of access systems up to the very latest in the industry.

There is every kind of access system available, and with our advice and experience you can be confident that we will recommend the most appropriate system for your needs.