Security gates with a touch of style

Italy has long been one of the world’s centres of design, style and great taste. And it’s home to our preferred supplier for automated gates and road barriers: BFT and CAME. This means that on top of state-of-the-art technology you’ll be getting a product that is exceptionally stylish.

We can install everything you’ll need. From rising bollards to swing gates and sliding gates, we have access to any product you might need. And our broad experience and ability to carry out construction work means we’re never held back from carrying out the work.

What space do you need to manage?

When it comes to car park management we have a variety of parking controls that can be installed. Everything from automatic pay-to-park gates to individual posts that you can use to reserve a parking space.

If you need access management, then in just one week we can install gates and barriers to control entry to residential properties. And they come in both modern and classical styles.

Looking to manage restricted traffic? You may want fixed or rising bollards and posts, height restriction barriers, or traffic calming cushions and plates. Whatever you need, we can install.

Couple your gates and barriers with access control systems and CCTV for complete security coverage.

Survey, design, installation. All taken care of!

Surveys are always the first step. During them we will assess the local utility services to see whether the installation will affect gas or water mains, or anything else under the ground that you might not know is there. Once our design proposal has been agreed on by you and any other relevant parties, the area will be marked out and we’ll dig the site out so that we can prepare the base, lay the cables, install the equipment, configure and test, and make good the surfaces. That sounds like a lot of work, but it really doesn’t take us long to complete it all once we get started.