Intruder Detection Systems

The right intruder alarm system for you

Our aim is to supply and install the most appropriate system for you that will give you many years of trouble-free service. There is a bewildering number of makes and models of intruder alarm systems that you can find by surfing the internet, some with a reputation for quality and some others for poor components and problematic servicing.

So, how do we do this?

Over the years, we have refined our selection of makes and models, and built strong commercial relationships with key manufacturers. This has been good for our business because the best manufacturers provide vital training to our engineers and keep them abreast of technical information. We are proud to recommend these products, many of which are only available to the top tier of security equipment installers in Scotland.

An intruder detection and alarm system is made up of an arrangement of sensors that detect the intrusion and transmit to a warning device, or sounder. Sensors can detect motion, a shock impact or even the sound of breaking glass. What is right for a warehouse full of valuable stock would not be appropriate for a data communications room. The choice of equipment is about understanding the nature of the potential risk.

How do they work?

How a system responds to the intrusion is also a matter of individual requirements, perhaps a bells only audible response is enough for some situations, but considering who needs to react to the alarm is key. Visual strobes are used in some cases where not everyone might be in a position to hear an alarm bell. Often there is a case for a telecommunication response whereby an alarm receiving centre is dialled automatically, from there the emergency keyholder might be contacted in the first instance. Of course, if the intrusion is confirmed, then the Police and/or Fire and Rescue Service attends the building.

Our NACOSS Gold accreditation encompasses intruder detection and alarm systems, so you can be confident that our work is of the highest standard in the industry.