Closed-Circuit Television Systems

It really is rocket science! The earliest CCTV systems were developed to observe rocket launches into space and transmit the pictures to a control room. Many years later, a city in New York State mounted cameras along a busy main street and relayed the pictures to the local police department. Since then, CCTV has been used in every kind of closed broadcasting situation, from sporting events shown live at exclusive gatherings to monitoring the manufacture of nuclear fuel where the environment is too dangerous for humans.

The specifics of your CCTV System

Today, some form of video surveillance is likely to be part of a wider security system. At its most basic, a CCTV system has a camera, lens, cabling, a monitor and recording device. From here, it very much depends on your location and why surveillance is needed. For example, could the recording be called upon as evidence of a crime? Will the monitor be manned 24/7? Will the camera record continuously, randomly or on a regular schedule?

The CCTV System you deserve

Our specification for a proposed CCTV system will take account of all your practical requirements and our qualified system designers will offer you valuable advice and support on managing the system. We can also install access control systems and intruder detection systems to give you total coverage. Our NACOSS Gold accreditation encompasses CCTV systems, so you can be confident that our work is of the highest standard in the industry.